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On your wall…

April 6, 2018

I’ve updated the post below with some new wall prints that I’ve just created for our new walls…

Brighten up your wall …  even more than that, make it personal!


If you need help getting a unique personal image for your wall, let me take a look for you.

Whether it be for your office, lounge, diner or bedroom
let’s take a look and see what we can make fit.

I’m happy to take some shots for you, I can work with images you’ve taken, or
I might work from your brief/ideas or concept.

  • 21446711676_6d9d966f07_bI’d like a red flower…
  • I want a picture of Benji our dog…
  • We’d like a family portrait…
  • I have some old prints of Gran and Grandad…
  • Can you do something abstract … ?
  • Can you remove the lamp post … ?

We can meet up and I’ll take a roll of shots for you to view.
You can leave briefs or material with me and I’ll work on your concept.
Or perhaps you have something else in mind?

rigsWe can create work for canvas prints of various sizes or large-format wall mural prints.
Of if you just want a print for framing yourself I can produce it professionally.

The answers usually yes! … as long as it’s legal it is ethical 🙂

I just charge for my creative time, and I source reproductions from various reliable cost-effective printers.

Give me a bell, and we can have a chat!

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