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‘Other stuff’ from 2017

December 24, 2017

Last year, I looked back at the turbulent 2016 and collated some snapshots of work I produced – you can see 2016 ‘here’.

This year, I have thankfully enjoyed full employment, and so there’s not been so much time to spend on ‘other things’. This year I’ve loved the day-to-day busyness of the work servicing the admirable staff at a local secondary school: 1000+ students and 100+staff keep a one-man reprographics department quite busy. (I’ve also enjoyed the bike-commute, now in my 7th Winter)

I have also had a great year with my ladies – they are my world, and I owe everything to them, especially Em. Em deserves the biggest thanks and praise for putting up with the introverted confused creative wonderer that I often am. I might not often feel as though I belong, but Em does her utmost to embrace me, and together with A and P they make life dearly vibrant and to be cherished, shared and celebrated.

Despite being busy at work, there have been a few out-of-hours projects:

Re-brandings,  LogosFlyersInvites etcNewsletters,  Banners,  YouTubes
and  TV appearances LOL!

You can see a collection of my design work on Flickr ‘here

As well as Flickr, Instagram has been my chosen platform for sharing visual notes and memories, you can see that here:



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