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December 14, 2017

Christmas can be magical.

The delightful jingle of memories and tingle of warmth that comes with the spicy tonics and simple riches. ‘Joy to the world’ they sing, ‘have yourself a merry little Christmas’ they sing, ‘Silent night, all is bright’ they sing. The hope and energy of a newborn child’s breath… possibilities…

However two thousand years on, I can’t help think that Christmas’s hopes have been wrapped in sparkles and are far from being fulfilled.

Injustice, hurt, jealousy, illness, prejudice, fear… Beyond our snug plenteous plates of pies and puddings, struggle, disorder, and desperation permeate our world.

Stop the car. Turn off the radio. Close the book. Turn off the TV. Close the browser, empty your lungs… Awareness of our essential breath is one thing that has helped ground me recently.

Stop, pause, relax, breathe, breathe, breathe … smile … be thankful. Listen…

This December, this season of goodwill (?) I hope (some may pray) that some light breaks through into the cold, the damaged, and dark places around and within us. Like new stars, let there be light … let angels speak, and perhaps sing… let new voices be heard…

Then, after another breath, start the car, turn on the radio, open the book, turn on the TV, fire up the browser, fill your lungs…

Joy, jingle, and tingle to your world!


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