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June 11, 2017

Reprography: the art or process of creating, printing and reproducing documents and graphic materials.

The college Reprographics Department I facilitate is in place to support teaching and learning, through the timely provision of an array of printed resources.

Teaching and learning time is valuable, teachers and support staff at the frontline of secondary school education are well aware that their own time is also valuable. Our department is here to create and produce requested printed resources, making more preparation and teaching time for staff.

Mindful of good service, a timely response to print requests is just part of the value we provide. As a reprographics service, we aim to turnaround print requests from all staff, within hours. Juggling multiple requests from hundreds of staff can be exacting but scheduling work so we meet required deadlines is an essential part of the service provided. 

Requests may be for a few dozen worksheets, a few 1000 booklets, through to a varied mix of classroom material; reward cards, certificates, posters, notices, incentives etc. The quality and broad range of items possible is notable.  Work may be single-color, full-colour, stitched, folded, hope-punched, laminated, bound… all on a variety of stock materials and finishes.

From scheduled test material and syllabus resources to items designed for more kinesthetic, tactile and visual learning, our daily output is significant and varied.

In an age of digital information, printed visual material is still important in our education system. Printed material can be used in classrooms to encourage students’ learning process and make it easier and interesting. Quality printed graphic material can be a great tool, helping make teaching and the dissemination of knowledge more effective and more successful.


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