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The advent of festooning chiaroscuro…

November 23, 2014

Advent2014Have you ever seen festooning bees? Nature?

Advent approaches, the advent of a time of expectation…
A season of warmth and cold, light and dark… (in Britain anyway)
A season of emotion and sharing…

Three words resonate in my brain:

Chiaroscuro; the use of contrast between light and dark…

Festooning; remarkable natural collaboration between bees when building, creating…

Oxytocin; a remarkable neurochemical which among other things helps motivate us to put others first… (or love?)


The recognition that neurochemicals play a big part in our lives has helped me over the last few years. After diagnosis with clinical depression four years ago, a mix of cognitive behavioural practice, physical activity, and disciplined psychological grounding (as well as numerous other ideas) have helped me stay sane-ish. On top of this, for 4 years my serotonin levels have been balanced by the drug Citalopram. After serious consideration, I am now going through the process of stopped taking this SSRI… as Mr H. says “some of us need a coat when the climate changes”.

Will you festoon this winter? Studies have shown that physical activity, emotive interaction, physical expression etc all help balancing neurochemicals. Yes it’s a scientific fact that chemicals control our lives, but, to a certain extent, we can help control our chemicals, by good old fashioned ‘natural’ ways.

I am well aware that philosophically the ‘natural way’ is debatable, but it can’t be denied that the natural act of breathing is the difference between life and death.

I have found that; breathing, being, striping our pretence and plastic fabrications back to the essence of being alive has helped me immensely.

Stop. Breath. Walk, exercise, talk, sing, see chiaroscuro… 

Wake up“, as the the teacher said, “get up and walk”

Advent approaches, the advent of a time of expectation…
A season of warmth and cold, light and dark…
A season of emotion and sharing…

Have you ever seen festooning bees?

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  1. Anne Richards permalink
    November 23, 2014 7:06 pm

    Where on earth did you find those bees.x

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