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Advent week 3…

December 22, 2013


The smallest steps, the most ordinary steps, the dusty steps…
Stop twice, look thrice, over death… random raw life is alive.
Be still and know, a comforting labyrinthine path, listen…
When all around us is distracting, there is something eternal going on.
Waking from sleep we might hear a small voice,
with fresher eyes we might see child-like wonder.
Wait, be still… divine warmth might not glitter but,
the briefest moments can lead to magnificent strides.
My third week following some Advent reflections from Brian Draper. I have to say again I can heartily recommend it if you so feel inclined!
Week 1, Week 2.
It seems a long time since Monday when I took a trip around the block.
...I'll go with Brian, but I fear it's another distraction from the void that is all around us. As I say, I'll go with it today Brian, I will go out around the block at lunch-break, into the rough urban industrial Leicester, something I have not done for many months. I will follow the reflection...
 I will suspend disbelief......

 ...Not a 'pleasant' walk but perhaps that's not the point. 
Yes, I will keep going - not much of an option there.
I have become (re)acquainted with Psalm 23.
Much of the terminology is lost on me I'm afraid (perhaps I'll google it in due-course). But I did find some words briefly comforting...
Alas, the harsh wind, the dusty streets, the raw lives, the sad failed industry that I passed was more haunting than the verse.
Curiously the encounter that caused me look thrice and stop twice was the open doors of a funeral services. Though the industrial doors stood the usual polished black vehicles but more strikingly also stood rows and layers of wood look coffins perhaps 50 plus... this stood out for me amongst the random raw life that passed around me, Asian languages, cigarettes, white vans, dusty roads, personal business, wheeling and dealing, city streets and rows of coffins.
I will allow it to rest in my mind...

Brian’s posts also introduced me to this…




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