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Give, spend, share, receive…

April 11, 2013

All these things I will give to you… Matt 4:9
What good is it to gain the whole world yet lose the soul… Mark 8:36

Where is our “life, spirit, consciousness”… ?
Have we compacted it, condensed it… digitised it… ?

We virtually “share” traditional and new riches(?), abundant, imagery, dazzles and excites…
Promises of more, immediacy, gratuitous digital networks of intrigue and wonder…
Still, amusing ourselves to death…

We virtually communicate (almost entirely? we simulate?)

Books, magazines, music, radio, tv, internet… when are they distracting us from the real and when can they augment the real?

We ‘spend’ more time distracted by habitual TV, music, stuff and…
We no longer consume it, it consumes our time, our consciousness, life, spirit…

We can “have” all these things, but what do we really have to share?
What good is it to have the world but lose consciousness the spirit of life… ?



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