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Never in a month of Sundays… !

September 30, 2011

In January the idea of it was simply crazy and i though it was just “not an option”!

The proposition of Cycling to work once a week? Seriously never in a month of Sundays!
Seriously not an option:
(i) I’d get wet and cold and be a gibbering wreck when I got to work.
(ii) I really don’t fancy the ride home after a day at work.
(iii) It’s too far.
(iv) It would take too long.
(v) The traffic would be a nightmare.
(vi) I like my podcasts in the car.

After a few months and a transition to cycling daily.
(i) Buzzing! and ‘UP FOR IT!’ when i get to work. (weather not an issue if right clothing worn).
(ii) Take it from me, surprisingly the ride home is a great tonic!
(iii) 7 miles is a breeze!
(iv) On an average day, car takes 30mins and bike takes 35mins.
(v) The traffic is surprisingly courteous to cyclists. It is not an issue in the city or on the Barkby lanes. Your’ll always get occasional ignorant vans, BMercW drivers and daydreamers. Claim your space, be aware and courteous.
(vi) Podcasts on the bike are good (low volume), and when the right track’s on and you reach the top of a country incline there’s nuthin to beat it.
(vii) …

‎05/07/11-29/09/11 804miles, recorded on CardioTrainer
27/02/11-04/07/11 851miles, recorded on Endomndo
Total recorded miles 1656.44miles March-Sept    Cycling Records

  1. October 1, 2011 2:25 am

    Jules, I am amazed at the fact you mentioned BMW drivers. My husband always says they are the most impatient people on the road. I thought it was perhaps a Calgary phenomenon at most a Canadian phenomenon…but across the pond too…wow. I must look into their advertising to perhaps find clues to the reason for this.

  2. October 1, 2011 9:52 pm

    Just a generalization but it does seem true to a certain extent… I rule the road sod everyone else attitude often from alpha males in beamers. Also seemingly innocent drivers of small 'girly' cars who have no idea of what space is. 😉 Does K commute, what's the cycle infrastructure like with u? UK cyclist provision is laughable. Still if u claim your space and be mindful it's enjoyable.


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