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Away with the ferrys…

July 23, 2011

A week away, over the sea. No digital activity, just sea-air, birds, boats, cloud-scapes and seemingly endless horizons. The kids had a ball, adventures around every corner, great to see inquisitive confidence brewing in both. A v busy week! My core attachment to the sea has been fed again for the time being. With daily views of stretching seascapes, I’ve read Ellen MacArthur’s ‘full circle’.. now there’s a feisty lass! Plenty of food for thought.
I have to keep this short, as I’m dosed with beechams and daynurse, sweating out an explosion that’s pounding in my head. Some call it a cold, some flu, I call it #########!
To top it all, my maternal nana passed away this week after a full 92 years, I will always remember her laughing; to me, she embodied ‘happiness’. I trust she will always be laughing in spirit. Here’s to Hilda Maud Short ne Tattum, and Herbert Frank Short, I wish i knew them better, but rest knowing that they actually realised more than we know, I guess it works that way.
Here’s to the another horizon.
(a short post from my Android fone, not really up for words at present)


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